Review: Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon

Review: Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon

Cyrus-Noble-BottleAn old brand, Cyrus Noble Bourbon dates to 1871, when it was reportedly a San Francisco favorite during the Barbary Coast days.

Now the brand is being revived — the current owner has had the trademark since 1871 — with a focus on bringing quality Bourbon back to S.F. The Bourbon is sourced from Kentucky and bottled right here in San Francisco, at 90 proof.

The results: This whiskey is spicy and lively. Not at all woody or hoary, it’s got fresh cinnamon and apple character, with just a wispy vanilla character behind it. Gentle on the palate despite packing in 90 proof, the finish is moderate, hinting at pepper long after the spirit itself vanishes. An easy sipper and completely affordable as a mixer.

I almost never see it at bars in San Francisco, by the way.

90 proof.


Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon




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  1. J R Moore on June 8, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    I have a miniature Cyrus Noble bourbon decanter. Can you give me any information . JRM

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