Drinkhacker Reads – 07.17.2013 – Martini Turns 150, Wine Enthusiast Lists Top 100 Restaurants

Drinkhacker Reads – 07.17.2013 – Martini Turns 150, Wine Enthusiast Lists Top 100 Restaurants

Just a quick note from the good folks at Buffalo Trace for those in the Kentucky area keeping tabs on the recent passing of Elmer T. Lee: Visitation will be from 4-8 p.m. on Thursday, July 18th at First Christian Church in Frankfort. The funeral will be held Friday, July 19th at noon at First Christian Church, 316 Ann Street, Frankfort, Kentucky. A quick search both on Twitter and Facebook will reveal an outpouring of condolences to the Lee and Buffalo Trace family; a testament to how much of a giant Mr. Lee was in the bourbon industry.

Wine Enthusiast has issued its 2013 edition of the top 100 Wine restaurants in the United States. While there’s plenty of excellent options on both coasts represented here, the surprise is in the inclusion and quantity of so many establishments in the South, Midwest and Central regions (including one of our favorite digs as of late). [Wine Enthusiast]

The Wall Street Journal runs a feature on what they’re labeling as the newest trend in beer transportation: the growler. Those seasoned in the art of beer drinking may laugh at the idea of this means of conveyance being touted as new and innovative. However, the trend seems to be catching on with microbrew converts. [Wall Street Journal]

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Martini (the brand) is planning an impressive year round schedule of activities including VIP parties, the return of the vintage Martini aesthetic, a reinvention of its sparkling wine line along with the introduction of new flavors, exclusive VIP events, a new Porsche 1 Supercup sponsorship, and a limited edition Gran Lusso Vermouth. Getting to 150 is not an easy task for any brand, so a tip of the hat to Martini for its longevity, even if they do seem to have ditched that Rossi fellow. [Press Release]

The good folks at Speyburn have announced today that the company will partner with conservancy group the Spey Foundation to continue the group’s efforts to pilot a project ensuring river salmon enjoy a clean and obstacle-free river in which to swim and spawn. The project also aims to continue improving living conditions and biodiversity along the banks of the river Spey. The distillery will offer signups on its website for those desiring news and information. For each new subscriber, the brand will donate £1 to the foundation. [Speyburn]

And finally today, for anyone who has about a million quid lying around in their sofa cracks, the Dalmore is getting ready to sell its Paterson Collection for £987,500. The Spirits Business reports that the collection of twelve bottles was fashioned by Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson using the distillery’s oldest and rarest stock. The set is currently on display at Harrod’s in its newly renovated fine spirits room. [The Spirits Business]

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