Review: 8 Hangar 24 Beers, 2013 Releases

Review: 8 Hangar 24 Beers, 2013 Releases

hangar 24 barrel rollJesus, these guys don’t quit, and here we have roughly a quarter of Hangar 24’s production line in one mega-post. You should know these guys by now, but if not, well, this is a great intro to some of H24’s brews. All beers below are limited edition (some are only on shelves for a month) unless otherwise noted as year-round bottlings. (Better to just check here for details.)

Hangar 24 Baseball Beer – A pilsner blended with a wheat beer. Slightly cloudy, highly citrus-focused. Tart and slightly sweet, with just a touch of bitterness on the back end. A lively summer brew that doesn’t exactly overflow with complexity, but is simply fun and refreshing to drink. 4.8% abv. B+ / $NA

Hangar 24 California Spring Beer – A seasonal (though, yes, it’s summer) “unique fusion of a hoppy wheat beer brewed with a blended fermentation of Belgian and American yeast.” Super piney when you crack open the bottle. Fresh, brisk, and lively with bitterness. A bit like a lighter version of an IPA, with a more rounded, bready body. Plenty of fun, with a lasting, pleasing finish. 5.2% abv. A- / $NA

Hanger 24 Helles Lager – One of Hangar 24’s new canned beers, a simple, lighter Munich-style lager. Big and blonde, and very sweet, this beer offers interesting apple and grape juice flavors, balanced by light malt notes. Easy to drink but I found the fruitiness made it difficult to really dig deep into it. 4.3% abv. Year-round. B / $NA (cans/kegs)

Hanger 24 Orange Wheat – This canned beer is also available in bottles; it sees local oranges used to flavor this straightforward wheat brew. As with the Helles, it’s very fruity and fun, perfect for taking to the game but not exactly a thought-provoking dazzler. Ultimately, the orange-ness leaves me thinking of breakfast, not happy hour. 4.6% abv. Year-round. B / $9 per 6-pack (bottles)

Hangar 24 Palmero – This Abbey Dubbel ale is made with Coachella Valley dates, where 95% of the U.S. production of dates come from. Initially a skeptic, I was charmed by its lively fruit and Port-like notes that you typically only see in barrel-aged beers. The finish turns from raisins to something more particularly date-like, unmistakably earthy in the way they present themselves. 7% abv. B+ / $8.50 per 22 oz. bottle

Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale – Spicy, with baking spice notes… gingerbread and nutmeg and a tart finish. Lots of chewy grain and yeast character here, with a strongly citrus finish. Classic composition for a Belgian — which is not my favorite style but is nonetheless certainly a summer-friendly sipper. 5.8% abv. B+ / $9 per 4-pack

Hangar 24 Barrel Roll No. 04 Hammerhead (pictured) – A barleywine aged in rye and Bourbon whiskey barrels. A big, monster brew not for the faint of heart. Initially quite sour, the huge body reveals cherries, dark chocolate, molasses, with a woody, whiskey kick on the back end. A bit out of balance, but an intriguing choice should you find yourself on a deckside firepit in the moonlight. 12.4% abv. Individually numbered bottles.  B+ / $NA (750ml bottle)

Hangar 24 Barrel Roll No. 04 Hammerhead




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