Drinkhacker Reads – 07.01.2013 – Homebrewing Now Legal Across the United States

Drinkhacker Reads – 07.01.2013 – Homebrewing Now Legal Across the United States

Theses days it seems people have been losing faith and confidence in their government’s ability to pass effective, bipartisan legislation. However, the American Homebrewer’s Association announced this morning that new homebrewing laws in the state of Mississippi go into effect today, making it the 50th and final state to allow homebrewing. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than making your own IPA? Hop to it! [Brewer’s Association]

Another day, another announcement of a bourbon distillery expansion. This time, Brown-Forman has announced a $35 million expansion of its Woodford Reserve distillery in order to keep up with the growing demand for the brand worldwide. Plans to develop three new warehouses and three new copper pot stills are already underway, with ground being expected to break shortly. The expansion is also expected to create roughly 15 new jobs over the project’s history, which is good news for the local Kentucky economy. [Brown-Forman Press Release]

Forbes spirits writer Seth Porges files a report on a most peculiar private testing of Glenlivet he recently had in New York City to promote the release of its newest, anonymous expression Glenlivet Alpha. The concept is interesting, but raises questions about the price tag and whether or not people are willing to take a leap of faith and purchase something with no extra information from the distillery. [Forbes]

In other Scotch news: Ardbeg, creator of that most tasty Ardbog we enjoyed this past weekend, is now offering an excellent destination getaway for the Scotch obsessive in your life: Ardbeg’s Seaview Cottage has been renovated and is a functioning cottage right in the heart of its distillery. Guests will be treated to a tour of the distillery and local attractions, and can enjoy many of the little quirky things to be found in the luxury cottage. More information on how to go about booking your trip can be found at the company’s website. [Ardbeg]

NPR reports on the rise of Moscato in the African-American and Latino communities (bewilderingly all clumped together in the headline as “brown”), and how it is allegedly becoming a “gateway wine” for the uninitiated to exploring different varietals. Warning: a giant photo of Nicki Minaj will greet you if you click through. [NPR]

And finally today in science news: researchers at the University of Florida have proven what rats and college freshman both have in common, besides twitchy, sleep deprived faces: they both like Jello shots. [Discover]

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