Review: Long Island Spirits Vodka and Liqueurs, Complete Lineup

Review: Long Island Spirits Vodka and Liqueurs, Complete Lineup

LiV espresso vodkaWe’ve covered Long Island Spirits’ straight vodka before. But recently we received a fresh bottle… along with everything else Long Island makes. Yowza.

That primarily includes a long line of liqueurs bottled under the Sorbetta brand. These are simple, natural liqueurs available only in 375ml bottles. They’re all crafted from LiV Vodka (of course), fresh fruit, and sugar.

We’re also taking a look at Long Island’s coffee-flavored vodka.

To complicate things further, Long Island also makes three whiskies, which are in our queue to be reviewed separately. Stay tuned.

Thoughts follow.

Long Island Spirits LiV Vodka – 100% potato vodka. Definitely on the sweet side, with a charcoal kick that give it a bit of burnt marshmallow character, with ample vanilla. I’m getting a slight chlorine character this time around (possibly what I referred to as “herbal” in my 2009 review) that puts quite a damper on the nose and the finish. 80 proof. B- / $32 (750ml)

Long Island Spirits Sorbetta Lemon Liqueur – Imagine a mildly sweetened Limoncello. A pretty, pale gold, this easygoing lemon liqueur lacks both the bracing acidity and the cloying sweetness of most of this category, which makes it a bit of an outlier. It’s pleasant, but I’d like to see more lemon in the body so it doesn’t get lost as a mixer. 60 proof. B / $20 (375ml)

Lime SorbettaLong Island Spirits Sorbetta Lime Liqueur – Much stronger fruit notes on the nose — fresh limes all the way — lead to, again, a mild, simpler body. More tart than sweet, the peel is more evident than the juice, giving this liqueur a bit more sophistication and depth. That said, while the nose is aromatic, the body is still a bit on the wispy side. 60 proof. B / $20 (375ml)

Long Island Spirits Sorbetta Orange Liqueur – A credible triple sec alternative. A bit of a tangerine in there, with quite a bit of honey on the palate. Straightforward, with a balanced finish that brings out hints of orange peel. 60 proof. B+ / $20 (375ml)

Long Island Spirits Sorbetta Strawberry Liqueur – Immediately strange on the nose. The color and nose are both closer to oranges than anything in the berry family. Quite sweet and honeyed, with hints of mango and other odd tropical character. Not at all unpleasant, but not something I’d turn to for the essence of strawberry. 60 proof. C+ / $20 (375ml)

Long Island Spirits Sorbetta Island Raspberry Liqueur – Not just any raspberry, island raspberry. Is with the Strawberry, this liqueur is indistinct, with clearer citrus notes than anything else. Somewhat less fully realized than the Strawberry, the overall impression I get is one of orange Jello. 60 proof. C / $20 (375ml)

Long Island Spirits Ristretto Espresso Vodka – A vodka-espresso blend, straight up. Quite bitter — there’s no (or very little) sugar in this vodka — the effect being something like drinking actual espresso, straight up, which I presume is what Long Island was going for. As espresso goes, this one’s moderately nutty, with very dark chocolate notes. Hints of licorice. Remember though that this isn’t a liqueur, it’s a flavored vodka. That may limit its utility, but for mega espresso fans it may be just the ticket. 80 proof. B / $30 (750ml)

Long Island Spirits Sorbetta Island Raspberry Liqueur




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