Review: Given Liqueur

Review: Given Liqueur

Given liqueurLet me get this straight: Tequila. Lime juice. Sweetened with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice. Made in Cognac, France.

Somehow all of this works.

This sort of mini-margarita in a bottle is a truly bizarre oddity, but if you’re a margarita fan, it’s worth a shot (so to speak).

The nose offers ample lime and light grape notes — that grape juice is stronger than you might initially expect. The body is initially a little confusing, reminiscent of Moscato wine, but with a backbone of honey and some earthy, slightly vegetal notes. This is the tequila at play, hanging on but drowned out by a lot of other voices — including a rising citrus tartness that hangs around with you for a long while. I even pick up notes that include ripe banana and some cantaloupe. It’s complex — especially for a drink that’s probably destined for the club — consumable as a shot, on the rocks, or with a variety of mixers.

Give it a spin.

34 proof.

B+ / $34 /

Given Liqueur




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