Review: Avion Espresso Liqueur

Review: Avion Espresso Liqueur

PowerPoint PresentationTequila and coffee have been done before, namely by Patron with its XO Cafe. Now comes upstart Avion to challenge the natural order of things, and convince you that you need to get your coffee in your agave.

This newest entry into the Avion family blends Avion Silver tequila with Italian espresso (fancy!). It’s inky black/brown, like any good coffee liqueur, and provides a nose of quite pure, dark coffee. No real hints of agave at this point, but take a sip and the tequila base (which must be ample at a whopping 70 proof) comes through loud and clear. Give it a few minutes to settle down, though, and Avion Espresso balances out nicely, the sweetened espresso attack combining nicely with that peppery tequila slug in the finish. Rich, slightly chocolaty, and nutty, the overall effect is quite pleasing.

While I’m not sure I personally have much need for tequila to back up my coffee drinks, if you’re a fan of Brave Bulls over White Russians, it will make an excellent alternative to Kahlua, et al., in your cocktail.

70 proof.


Avion Espresso Liqueur




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