Drinkhacker Reads – 05.30.2013 – Magic Hatfields vs. West Sixth McCoys, Week 2

Drinkhacker Reads – 05.30.2013 – Magic Hatfields vs. West Sixth McCoys, Week 2

hatfield-mccoy-cartoonAdding more fuel to the fire in an already contentious and public dispute, Magic Hat filed an injunction to its lawsuit against West Sixth brewery, claiming “a massive advertising effort and social media smear campaign” was enacted to “irreparably harmed Magic Hat’s good will, trademarks, customer and other relationships, and sales” and enacting an “advertising campaign deliberately and with malice in a concerted effort to destroy Magic Hat.”

Allegedly over 75,000 comments and complaints were addressed to Magic Hat via its Facebook account, causing great harm to the multi-million dollar brewing company and its owner. West Sixth has agreed to mediation with a judge and a hearing is scheduled within the next few weeks. [Biz Lex]

Elsewhere in Kentucky, Maker’s Mark is expanding its operations and storage capacity, courtesy of an $8.2 million dollar upgrade and expansion. Coming on the heels of a much-covered controversy surrounding supply and lowering the proof on its existing line, this really isn’t too much of a surprise and is in fact a move which has been discussed for quite some time. [Courier-Journal]

The Courier Journal also reports that plans to build a $10 million dollar distillery for Angel’s Envy has been tentatively approved by the Kentucky state legislature. Wes Henderson and his band of merry distillers have been eyeballing several locations in downtown Louisville to establish their permanent home base, but no specific locations have been finalized. Between this and the new Evan Williams visitor’s center slated to open in 2014, downtown Louisville is enjoying a mild bourbon renaissance. [Courier-Journal]

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has made an interim ruling that alcohol companies can now voluntarily provide nutritional content labels on their products. The proposal had been milling about the government halls for about a decade, and after much negotiation and attempts, companies may now include calorie counts, carbs, and fat content on their labels. It will be interesting to see which companies do so, and whether or not this will lead to a mandatory implementation in the future. [Media Post]

Finally today, Chinese firewater isn’t exactly reaching the peaks of international demand that flavored vodka, tequila, single malts and bourbon currently enjoy, but that isn’t stopping the little nation that could from trying. Reuters files a report on baijiu, a clear liquor averaging about 110 proof, and how distillers and speculators are banking on it being the next big thing on the spirits market. [Yahoo!]

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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