Review: 1ONE Vodka

Review: 1ONE Vodka

1one vodkaIt’s not every day we get a vodka that comes in a single malt-style canister. OK, it’s never when that happens. But let it be known that 1ONE (also known just as ONE) is aiming for luxury (on a budget), mmmkay?

Born in Moldova, 1ONE is 5x distilled from winter wheat and made, per the distillery, according to an old Russian recipe. It’s purified with “birch activated carbon” and platinum filtered before bottling at 80 proof.

Like Moldova’s other spirit, it’s a unique take on the vodka category. Somewhat creamy with a silky, semi-sweet body, there’s lots going on here. The nose is sweet at first blush, but settles down to reveal marshmallow and pie crust notes. Whipped cream is heavy on the palate, with light medicinal notes beneath. Chewy, and quite rich. The finish is long and lasting, powerful with a mix of sweetness and light herbal notes, but pleasant enough.

80 proof.

B+ / $15 /

1ONE Vodka




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