Recipe: Mother’s Day Cocktail Ideas, 2013

Recipe: Mother’s Day Cocktail Ideas, 2013

lucille-bluthSunday brings us the time-honored tradition of celebrating everyone’s favorite person: Mom. Whether it was helping with algebra, forcing you to eat vegetables, or picking you up from school because you wore a Dead Kennedys “In God We Trust Inc.” t-shirt to class, Mom’s always been there to help out along the way. Here’s a few recipes we’ve encountered that you may want to mix up for your mom during Sunday brunch. It’s just a small way of saying “thanks” to a lady who put up so much for so long on your behalf.

image007Violet Femme
1 oz Lucid absinthe
1 oz raspberry liqueur
1 oz lemonade or sour mix
2 oz ginger ale
1 lemon wedge

Fill a tall glass with ice and add raspberry liqueur, Lucid absinthe and lemonade. Cover with cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Top glass with ginger ale, add a lemon wedge and serve.

image015Fig Coffee
1/2 oz. fig preserves
1/2 tsp dark brown sugar
4 1/4 oz. French roast coffee
2 oz. Camus XO Elegance Cognac

Prepare hot; stir to melt/blend; can also be chilled and served over ice.

Mother’s Little Helper Bloody Mary
2 oz McClure’s Bloody Mary mix
2 oz Karlsson’s Gold vodka
1 shrimp skewer
Blue cheese stuffed olives
1 carrot stick
1 celery stalk

Combine Karlsson’s and McClure’s in rimmed glass. Add ice and stir. Rim the glass with salt. Garnish and serve.

Karlsson’s Blackberry Smash
1.5 oz Karlsson’s Gold vodka
4 Lemon wedges
3 Blackberries
.75 oz Simple Syrup

Muddle lemon and blackberries with simple. Add Karlsson’s and shake with ice. Strain over crushed ice and garnish with blackberry and mint sprig.

And if your mother is more of the martini drinker, there’s always The Big Book of Martinis for Moms with hundreds of different recipes any Martini Mom will enjoy.

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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