Drinkhacker Reads – 05.07.2013 – Beam Goes Boffo!

Drinkhacker Reads – 05.07.2013 – Beam Goes Boffo!

In bourbon news, MSN Money reports that Beam saw a hefty spike in sales during the first quarter of 2013, much of that attributed to the drama surrounding Maker’s Mark and the reduction of its alcohol content. Many theories abound if this was all just a business ploy, or a bad marketing decision, or a really good marketing decision made to look like a bad one. Whatever the case, Beam (which owns Maker’s) brought in the dough to the tune of a 44% sales increase. Not too shabby for something that sort of did but didn’t happen. [MSN]

Everyone coming off a cinco-hangover take note: Tequila is actually good for you. Or so says Forbes, who attempts to make folks feel better by delivering five different reasons tequila can be beneficial to a person’s constitution. [Forbes]

And if tequila or bourbon isn’t your thing, CNN rattles off its list of the best beer towns in America. Is CNN keeping with its recent track record of getting things way wrong (Asheville over Kalamazoo? Really?), or is this list spot on? They report (sort of), you decide. [CNN]

Finally today, some crafty folks have developed a contraption which (in theory) allows a thirsty individual to open an entire case of beer at once. While the accuracy rate isn’t exactly stellar, the enterprising ambition most certainly is present and so is the potential to make a nice sum of money off this thing. We’ll drink to that. [Huffington Post]

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