Review: OM Organic Mixology Wild Cranberry & Blood Orange Cocktail

Review: OM Organic Mixology Wild Cranberry & Blood Orange Cocktail

OM cranberry orangePre-mixed cocktails aren’t often a high-end affair, but Organic Mixology is trying to change that with a new line of ready-to-drink cocktails, courtesy of Natalie Bovis, “The Liquid Muse.”

Made with certified organic ingredients, no artificial flavors/colors/preservatives, lightweight glass bottles, and packaged in 75% post-consumer recycled cases (whew!), this is high-end, eco-friendly cocktailery, complete with a Sanskrit “Om” trinket attached to the bottle’s neck.

For all of that buildup, what’s inside the bottle is a bit of a letdown. A blend of cranberry and orange juices (plus color and sweetness courtesy of black currant, black carrot, and apple juices), the potion offers a nose that’s perfumy and a little nutty, surprisingly exotic for a cocktail like this. But the body doesn’t really back that up. Here things get very sweet, and very fruity — much like any old sweetened cran-whatever juice blend spiked with a little vodka. Hardly unpalatable — just come in expecting a typical happy hour cosmo and you’ll at least be pleasantly surprised with the results.

30 proof.

B / $30 /

OM Organic Mixology Wild Cranberry & Blood Orange Cocktail




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  1. Natalie Bovis on May 2, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for taking the time to review OM Cocktails! We are excited to have created a product with the consumer in mind. It is pre-sweetened with organic agave nectar and does have a fruity nose, which appeals to the people who taste it in demos at Whole Foods, etc. For on-premise, it has appeal as a modifier.

    Indeed, at only 30 proof (15% alcohol) it won’t have the “body” of a straight spirit (which as you know is usually more like 80 proof – and the higher alcohol does lend a different structure). The advantage of OM Cocktails, in our opinion, is that with its lower alcohol content, it can be served on its own or mixed with other spirits and shaken into a cocktail – which gives it some versatility. Most consumers wouldn’t drink an 80 proof spirit straight… so the concept of our pre-mixed cocktail is to have something palatable and drinkable right out of the bottle – particularly for the home-entertainer looking for an organic, convenient option for their own party, hostess gift or relaxing night in.

    Thanks again for the write up! It is appreciated :-)

    Cheers, Natalie

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