Drinkhacker Reads – 04.29.2013 – Frank Thomas Replaces Home Runs With Beer

Drinkhacker Reads – 04.29.2013 – Frank Thomas Replaces Home Runs With Beer

BHB_281highOne of the most intimidating hitters in major league baseball is trading bats for hops, as retired Chicago White Sox great Frank Thomas is getting poised to move his Big Hurt Beer into the big time. Crain’s Chicago catches up with five-time all star, two-time MVP to talk about his adventures in the craft beer world. [Crain’s Chicago]

This week features two of our favorite holidays literally back to back this week: the running for the roses in the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, and Cinco De Mayo on Sunday. Of course we’ll be giving recipe suggestions later this week for all of the fantastic parties you’ll be throwing. But just a heads up for those collectors looking for the Four Roses limited edition Secretariat decanter: it’s just not happening. Four Roses has cancelled this year’s decanter because the quality wasn’t up to standards. Folks who have already paid for one will be entitled to a full refund. [WHAS]

Two bottles of rare whisky salvaged from the shipwreck of the SS Politician in 1987 were put on the auction block last week. The shipwreck inspired a book and comedy by the name of Whisky Galore, according to the BBC. If interested, you may place your bid over at Scotch Whisky Auctions but a bit of caution: the whisky is not thought to be safe to drink. It’s more of a novelty piece. [BBC]

Elsewhere in bourbon news, Kentucky state lawmakers are looking for new and creative ways to help foster the growth and keep up with the demand of the Commonwealth’s most popular export without losing existing tax revenue or hurting up and coming small batch micro distillers. So far no real solutions have presented themselves. [NKY]

The Atlantic posts an interesting question and follows up with a debate that no doubt has been taking place in the bars of America: Do we really need flavored whisky? An interesting exchange between two of The Atlantic‘s best scribes. [The Atlantic]

And finally today, in an attempt to broaden its portfolio and expand its share of the Asian markets, VuQo vodka has signed a licensing deal to produce Playboy Vodka. The brand will be manufactured in the Philippines and will be available later this year exclusively to Asia. No word on whether or not it will see distribution in the United States, which is most peculiar given Playboy’s iconic status and brand recognition at home. [Licensing Biz]

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