Drinkhacker Reads – 04.24.2013 – All Hail Pappy Von Winkle!

Drinkhacker Reads – 04.24.2013 – All Hail Pappy Von Winkle!

ginThe British Gin renaissance continues to be in full swing, with sales reported to be up 12% in the UK last year and no slowing down in sight. The Telegraph takes a closer look at the boom, takes a look at gin’s place in popular culture, and offers up some cocktail recipes along the way. [The Telegraph]

With Cinco De Mayo looming on the horizon the day after the Kentucky Derby, things are looking up for drinking next weekend (look for recipe suggestions to celebrate both shortly). The Daily Meal takes a closer look at the recent surge of tequila consumption in the U.S., and offers up its list of the best tequila bars in the nation. [The Daily Meal]

Normally we don’t like to point out mistakes and typos [That’s my job. -Ed.], but this one takes the cake. Fox News apparently has discovered a new product called Pappy Von Winkle in an article discussing the 5 most expensive bourbons. We hear it’s good, but Poopy Van Shtickle is better. [Fax News]

Islay malt masters Bunnahabhain are partnering with The Fishermen’s Mission, a charity which cares for the families of fishermen lost or injured at sea, to launch an international design competition. The competition, which launches today (April 24), is open to amateur and professional designers, and asks entrants to design a contemporary label based on the return of the brand’s iconic Helmsman reaching the safety of the Bunnahabhain Distillery. In addition to the UK, Bunnahabhain will run the competition in other markets, including the U.S., to produce an exclusive Tales of the Sea collection which will be auctioned later in the year. All proceeds of the auction and a portion of sales from the 500 limited edition bottles will go to The Fishermen’s Mission to help it carry out vital work supporting fishermen and their families. The winner will receive a cash prize of £2,000 and will see their design produced commercially as part of a limited collection. To register for the competition, entrants must send an email with their name, date of birth, and telephone number to: [email protected]. We know we’ve got some crafty designers who read our site, so good luck! [Bunnahabhain]

In new product news: As a part of their continuous campaign to revitalize the brand, Absolut has been offering up limited editions featuring new artwork and flavor variations. The latest in the Absolut Craft series, Absolut Cilantro, will arrive in stores in May and will be targeted towards the craft cocktail and mixed drinks market. [PR Newswire]

And finally today, billionaire, Under Armour CEO and horse fanatic Kevin Plank is hoping to add yet another title to his long list of already impressive credentials: whiskey maker. Baltimore Business Journal reports that the currently-untitled whiskey is under production at a distillery on his horse farm, and should be ready for public release by 2016. [Baltimore Business Journal]

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