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Review: Cheribundi Cherry Juice Mixers

cheribundiForget acai and yumberries. Cheribundi is doubling down on good old fashioned cherries as a juice and a cocktail mixer. We sampled a flotilla of cherry juice-based concoctions. Thoughts follow.

Cheribundi Cherry Juice – 100% juice (mostly cherry, with a bit of apple juice added for sweetness), so you better prepare your palate for the tart rush of authentic, smashed cherries. (The company says there are 50 cherries in an 8 oz. mini-bottle. Sour-sweet, authentic, and a big rush of fruit. Use sparingly as a mixer. 130 calories. A- / $12 for four 8 oz. bottles [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

Cheribundi Cherry Juice Light – 65% juice, sweetened with stevia instead of apple juice. Takes you down to 80 calories for the 8 oz. bottle. Altogether a less tart, somewhat watery version of the regular cherry juice. Less flavorful, but easier to drink on its own. B+ / $12 for four 8 oz. bottles [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

Cheribundi Cherry Lemonade Refresh – A good mix of sour lemonade and tart cherry. Very refreshing (hence the name, I guess), and well balanced. 25% juice. 160 calories. A- / $40 for twelve 16.9 oz. bottles

Cheribundi Cherry Blueberry Refresh – More cherry than blueberry, which may be for the best considering how overpowering blueberry can be in a juice blend. Both cherry and blueberry are available if you’re willing to stick with it. Would make a reasonably good and easy cocktail mixer thanks to the mix of sweet and tart. 25% juice. 200 calories. B+ / $40 for twelve 16.9 oz. bottles

Cheribundi Cherry Green Tea Refresh – More tea than juice, with a strong brewed tea nose (not particularly green, though), and a mild fruitiness (more apple than cherry, I’d say) throughout. Quite sweet, but just on the edge of going too far. Great on its own, probably not much mixing potential here, though. 5% juice. 160 calories. A- / $30 for twelve 16.9 oz bottles

Cheribundi Cherry Pomegranate Refresh – Tastes a lot like any basic, sweetened cranberry juice blend. Sweet but impossible to determine its constituent components — cherry or pomegranate (or apple, which is also included). Probably fine as a substitute for cran-whatever. 25% juice. 200 calories. B / $40 for twelve 16.9 oz. bottles

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