Review: Three Olives “Loopy” Vodka

Review: Three Olives “Loopy” Vodka

three olives loopyNot getting enough froot in your diet? Now you can up your intake with one of the nuttiest vodka flavors to hit the market yet: Three Olives’ “Loopy” Vodka.

Designed specifically to taste (and look) like a certain breakfast cereal, Loopy is unmistakable when you crack open the bottle. The aroma of sugared, berry-flavored cereal is dead-on uncanny as you pour out a glass. Whoever concocted this flavor (it’s natural, people!) deserves a medal.

The aroma settles down into more of a vaguely citrus/slightly strawberry character as you nose the glass directly. On the tongue, the berry notes are more intense, extremely sweet in the way you expect that morning sugar rush to be.

As single-minded as this concoction is (girl drink drunks, watch out), I still can’t get over how dead-on the first whiff of Loopy is. Makes me wonder how long it will be before we get Charmz, Pebbly, and Chokula vodkas by way of follow-up…

70 proof.

B- (I guess?) / $18 / [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Three Olives "Loopy" Vodka




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