Drinkhacker Reads – 04.08.2013 – Buffalo Trace Builds Warehouse X

Drinkhacker Reads – 04.08.2013 – Buffalo Trace Builds Warehouse X

distillery_machine_0In its ongoing quest to find the “holy grail” of bourbon, Buffalo Trace announced on Friday it has broken ground on the enigmatically christened Warehouse X, a comparatively small warehouse only able to hold 150 barrels at capacity. This facility will be able to test for such factors as natural light, temperature, airflow, and humidity and how all of this impacts barrel storage. Slated to be complete by August, fans can watch the progress and see BT’s vision and renderings on Buffalo Trace’s microsite. [Warehouse X]

And in more bourbon news, The Spirits Business sits down with one of the nicest guys in the business, Tom Bulleit, for a quick drink to discuss his company’s rise, his partnership with Diageo, and the future of the company. Nothing too revelatory, but an enjoyable read nevertheless. [Spirits Business]

In non-bourbon news, Bloomberg Business Weekly runs a profile on a company which has somehow managed to go broke selling vodka to folks in Russia and Poland. There are a million potential punchlines to this joke of a story, but we feel that the content really just sort of sells itself, humor-wise. Incredible. [Business Weekly]

Elsewhere in the weird world of vodka, a company which still makes the machine gun used notoriously by mobsters almost a century ago is suing a vodka company over its name. Tommy Gun Vodka was slapped with lawsuit by Saeilo Enterprises over the use of the name “tommy gun” for infringing on a registered trademark. The vodka came shaped in a bottle shaped like a gun with a cap on top. Rumor has it the product has been pulled from the market, but lawyers are having trouble prying one final bottle from the cold, dead hands of Charlton Heston. [Chicago Tribune]

And finally today, in the spirit of last night’s Mad Men premiere, there appears to be a wee bit lack of creativity happening in the advertising world. AdWeek files an article on how Kraft not only used Sauza tequila’s spokesperson for an advertisement, but pretty much gripped the whole gimmick from the Sauza ad. Too close? Dissimilar enough? Check it out over on AdWeek’s site. [AdWeek]

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