Review: Jack From Brooklyn Sorel Liqueur

Review: Jack From Brooklyn Sorel Liqueur

sorel liqueurJack From Brooklyn is a company based in, well, see if you can guess. And its sole product to date is Sorel, a unique, heavily-spiced liqueur based on hibiscus.

The recipe includes Moroccan hibiscus, Brazilian cloves, Indonesian cassia (cinnamon) and nutmeg, and Nigerian ginger. Sweetened with sugar and swirled together into a base of organic grain alcohol, the resulting spirit is Port wine-red and a wine-like 30 proof.

Sorel is an easier drink than the other major hibiscus liqueur on the market, Hum. That’s mainly because Hum is 70 proof and Sorel is less than half that, giving it much less bite and a far less syrupy texture. Sorel’s secondary flavoring elements come out much more strongly here: cloves particularly on the nose, gingerbread and cinnamon notes especially on the body. There’s lots of cherry throughout, which sweetens everything up nicely and turns Sorel into an easy sipper, a swell dessert drink on its own and an intriguing ingredient when used in hot cocktails.

Give it a try.

30 proof.


Jack From Brooklyn Sorel Liqueur




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  1. Judy Billy on February 25, 2014 at 5:25 am

    Got a chance to try Sorel for the first time in Lake Placid, New York. The Cottage Restaurant was a cozy place which served this cocktail. I absolutely “LOVE” this liqueur!!!! Loved it so much I had to purchase a bottle in the local liquor store!!! Would love to know more about it’s creator “Jack From Brooklyn”.
    Thank you,
    Judy Billy from Syracuse , New York :)

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