Review: Tequila Cuestion, Complete Lineup

Review: Tequila Cuestion, Complete Lineup

tequila cuestionIf tequila is the cuestion is mezcal the antser?

Bad jokes aside, but when faced with a tequila that’s bottled in an upside-down question mark, the wordplay comes fast and furious.

This Highlands tequila is, of course, 100% blue agave and all expressions are bottled at 80 proof.

Tequila Cuestion Blanco – Old school silver, with lots of agave on the nose. Lemon and lime notes follow. Moving to the palate you’ll find touches of lemon on the body, with lots of fresh agave and a variety of citrus notes on the back end. This tequila starts out with a lot of burn but give it some time in the glass to open up and the citrus starts to develop nicely. A nice alternative to some of the ultra-sweet tequilas out there, even if it is on the simple side in the end. A- / $38

Tequila Cuestion Reposado – Aged 6 months in ex-Bourbon barrels. The nose doesn’t give up a lot of secrets, with a similar, but lightly sweeter character. The body’s a different story, initially hefty with wood but slowly opening up with some mild butterscotch and caramel notes. Agave jumps up again at the back end. Not sure it comes together totally harmoniously, but it’s a nice counterpoint to the blanco. B+ / $45 [BUY IT NOW FROM CASKERS]

Tequila Cuestion Anejo – 18 months in oak give this a seriously sugary depth. Some (surprising) alco-burn on the nose, but it blows off over time. The body’s pure dessert, a caramel flan that somehow manages to keep its earthy core intact with some herbal hints — more rosemary than agave — that come and go throughout the body, exhibiting a somewhat minty character on the back end. A fun sipper. A- / $55  [BUY IT NOW FROM CASKERS]

Tequila Cuestion Anejo




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