Drinkhacker Reads – 03.21.13 – Mega Contests And Competition Edition

Drinkhacker Reads – 03.21.13 – Mega Contests And Competition Edition

Hey you! Do you want your own bar? Do you like free stuff? Are you smart? OF COURSE you are! So enter our contest from earlier this week for a chance to score an incredible, jaw-dropping prize.

Bottle Art - Clock2Speaking of incredible contests, we were hipped by Patron tequila to this one where folks can win $10,000 for coming up with the best idea and recycling their Patron bottles into functional works of art, lamps, clocks and any other ideas your mad, bad, creative self can think of. Simply do your thing, submit it to the Art of Patron website and wait for the money to roll in. As we know Drinkhacker readers are some of the most creative, intelligent, innovative people on the planet (we have the demographics and research to back this up), we fully expect one of you to win the bar goodies from Dickel and another to win the $10K from the good folks over at Patron. So get to your workbenches and start prototyping! [Patron]

The winners for this year’s Ultimate Spirits Challenge were announced via press release today, the result of a week-long tasting competition which started March 11th. Among the champs were Tahoe Blue for best vodka; Hop Head Pot Stilled Hop in the flavored vodka category; Ford’s took home honors for best gin; and Blanton’s for best bourbon. A full 100 points was given to Highland Park for its 25 Years Old single malt expression in the best Scotch category, the highest score of any spirit in the competition. A complete list of winners can be found on the USC website. [Ultimate Spirits Challenge]

This one’s for science geeks in the crowd (for those of you not already in the workshop figuring out how to win the bar gear and $10,000): io9 asks the question to which every barfly wants an answer: can you drink only beer instead of water and still survive? It’s an absolutely incredible treatise, and probably one of the best things we’ve read all week. [io9]

And finally today, while we thought Cee-Lo’s endorsement of sake was going to be the surefire bet for our Celebrity Product Endorsement/Launch of the Week, we must admit that this could possibly trump our earlier claim. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, blues legend B.B. King will be launching his own line of wines in partnership with Votto Vines Importing. Both red and white vintages in the B.B. King Signature Collection will be sourced from Bodega Santa Cruz Winery in Almansa, Spain, and will be available first at his Memphis and Nashville blues clubs, and later across the nation for $13.99 a bottle. [SF Chronicle]

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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