Review: Short’s Brewery The Liberator

Review: Short’s Brewery The Liberator

Tucked away in a small town in northern Michigan lies Short’s Brewery, a former hardware store turned brewhouse. The Liberator became a 30th birthday present for Joseph Short, the creative mind behind Short’s Brewing Company, which offers here its interesting take on a double IPA.

The Liberator’s most surprising feature are the citrus tones that carry throughout, from the nose to the finish. Definitely citrusy and floral in the nose, with an enjoyable aroma of hops followed by orange and lemon zest added after fermentation. The pour is a bit cloudy orange with a nice full head.

The taste of this double IPA starts with a nice amount of hoppy bitter flavor, followed by caramelized malt and citrus, which dial the level of bitterness back a bit after that initial rush. There’s definitely an abundance of hops and malt used in this brew, and with the citrus zest at the end really shines and rounds out this beer. The flavor of the Liberator really aligns itself with the nose; bittery and hoppy goodness right up front finally mellow out by the citrus and caramel malt.

7.4% abv.

B+ / $17 per six-pack

Short’s Brewery The Liberator




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