Drinkhacker Reads – 03.18.2013 – Cee-Lo Shares Sake By The Seashore

Drinkhacker Reads – 03.18.2013 – Cee-Lo Shares Sake By The Seashore

As everyone who was Irish for the day is recovering from what was no doubt a magically delicious 24 hours of revelry, might we suggest trying out the Irish Kentucky Java from the cocktails we posted last week?

If Irish coffee isn’t your thing for recovering, real estate blog Movoto has designed a catchy infographic based around five cocktail recipes inspired by cities (other than Manhattan) that they love. We tried the Boston Minute Man yesterday (minus the coffee pecan bitters, because they were simply not to be found at our local Liquor Barn) and it was fantastic. Worth the click-through to get some great cocktail ideas! [Movoto]

Rap mogul Cee-Lo recently wrapped up a television ad for TY KU sake. The campaign, which revolves around the notion of “sharing” beyond the world of social media, features the Gnarls Barkley co-founder in various states sharing sake with lots of ladies and himself. Even though it’s only Monday, this no doubt makes Cee-Lo the proud recipient of our Celebrity Product Endorsement of the Week, and we’ve got footage from behind the scenes of the commercial shoot. [TY KU]

And for the “sharing” hat trick in today’s news: Social media has done it again! This time you can send booze to your friends! A group of thirsty social media entrepreneurs in San Francisco (where else?) have developed a way for you to send a six-pack, bottle, or cocktail to your buddies via an iPhone app. Have 1 On Me is a mobile app that will be ready to launch in a few weeks, but founder Marco Aponte sent us a link to a video with a sneak preview of how it all works. [Have 1 On Me]

For all those social media developers whose products never made it to launch: take heart, we here at Drinkhacker HQ have you covered. Miller Lite is now looking for interns to join them on an “epic road trip” from May 17-30th. Duties include delivering ice cold beer to an exclusive Las Vegas beach club (where you’ll no doubt meet successful social media developers blowing their seed money), becoming a member of a NASCAR pit crew, going behind the scenes at MillerCoors to brew the beer, and, finally, walking the red carpet at the premiere of the new Vince Vaughn movie The Internship. Applicants should head on over to Lite’s Facebook page by April 7th to be considered. [Miller Lite]

This really isn’t news, but it is absolutely incredible: a nearly complete list of every single wine blog on the planet. There’s a possibility that some are missing (if so, there’s a space where users can add suggestions), but this simply has to be the most comprehensive resource available for anyone looking for a winey blog fix. A tip of the hat and raise of the glass to Vinography for such extensive and excellent scholarship! [Vinography]

And finally today, with the arrival of season 6 of Mad Men right around the corner, we pay tribute to the ad men of a generation gone by and their alcohol-induced ideas representing their favorite industry: Booze. Buzzfeed has compiled 11 old liquor ads that span the gamut of the weird and wild, especially the creepy Ten High ad. [Buzzfeed]

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.


  1. Ben on March 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    “Duties include delivering ice cold beer to an exclusive Las Vegas beach club”

    Incredibly exclusive, given Las Vegas’s lack of a beach.

  2. Rob Theakston on March 20, 2013 at 6:15 am

    It’s a beach so exclusive, you or I were not privy to its existence…let alone location..until now.

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