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Review: Cruz Tequila – Silver and Reposado

cruz tequilaThis new tequila brand hails from Los Altos, in the Jalisco Highlands. Packaged in squat, antique glass bottles, it’s as eye-catching as it is easy to drink. Thoughts on the two expressions — an unaged blanco and a reposado — follow.

Both are 80 proof.

Cruz Silver Tequila – I hate it when spirits are described as “smooth,” but that’s the most perfect descriptor for Cruz’s blanco that I can think of. Very subtle and restrained, this is a tequila for those among you that aren’t looking for an agave bomb. Don’t even think about lime and salt, this is a pure, silky sipping tequila that goes down easy as is. Lemony and grassy, it’s moderately sweet with a big, creamy body, with just a mild agave herbal character on the back end. Some creamy flan notes finish out the tequila. Altogether a really standout blanco, provided you’re not looking for a big agave rush. A / $35 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Cruz Reposado Tequila – Aged 6 months in ex-Bourbon barrels. Pale yellow in color. Surprisingly, it’s considerably more agave forward than the Silver, with lots of herbal qualities tempered by creamy creme brulee notes. Not at all what I was expecting, with a kind of whiskey character on the finish that offers black pepper and some lasting bitterness. Interesting but a distant second place to the Silver. B+ / $42


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