Recipe: 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Ideas

Recipe: 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Ideas

Once again it is that festive time of year where folks, regardless of their ethnicity and cultural upbringing, can agree upon one thing: They’re Irish to the core, and always have been! Yes St. Patrick’s Day arrives on Sunday, a day for folks to wear all green clothing, consume mysterious looking green beer, and relish in a shot of their favorite Irish whiskey. But for those not fond of tossing back a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson, we’ve collected a few recipes to welcome you into the Irish fold.

GreenTeaThymeGreen Tea-ni Thyme
Created by Belvedere Vodka’s Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology, Claire Smith
2 oz  Belvedere Lemon Tea
¾ oz lemon juice
¾ oz green tea syrup
3 sprigs fresh thyme
Gentle press thyme in base of shaker. Add remaining ingredients and shake hard over ice. Fine strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a sprig of thyme.

Green LanternThe Green Lantern
2-3 muddled limes
1½  oz. Midori
1 oz. Lucid absinthe
ginger ale
Lime spiral (for garnish)

In a rocks glass, muddle 3 lime wedges, add ice, Midori and Lucid and transfer to a shaker.  Shake thoroughly and return into rocks glass.  Add ginger ale and lime spiral.

KMIIKiss Me I’m Irish
2 ½ oz VOGA Sparkling
1 oz Midori melon liquor
1 oz vodka
1 ½ oz lemonade

In a shaker, combine ice, vodka, Midori, and lemonade.  Stir gently and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with VOGA Sparkling. Garnish with lemon slice.

celtic-blushCeltic Blush
2 parts Jameson Irish Whiskey
3 fresh strawberries
1 part Wild Strawberry liqueur
2/3 part maple syrup

Muddle strawberries with maple syrup. Add remaining ingredients. Shake and fine strain.

(and finally…for the easy come down after a long party)

Irish Kentucky Java
Recipe created by Jonathan Pogash
24 oz. brewed, strong coffee
8 oz. bourbon
4 oz. white crème de cacao
1 oz. maple syrup
1 cup whipped cream
Fresh mint leaves and ground cinnamon for garnish

Add the coffee, bourbon, creme de cacao, and maple syrup together into a large, heat-safe carafe.  Stir briefly to incorporate.  Divide the coffee mixture among 4 mugs. Top off each of the mugs with whipped cream, mint leaves, and ground cinnamon.

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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