Review: General John Stark Vodka

Review: General John Stark Vodka

General John Stark vodkaFlag Hill, based in the great state of New Hampshire, makes a wide variety of fruit wines as well as various spirits.

That includes John Stark Vodka, which is made from — wait for it — apples and is triple distilled before bottling. Who’s John Stark? A Revolutionary War general from New Hampshire and the originator of the phrase “Live Free or Die.” Probably not a vodka man, but a patriot nonetheless.

You get big — huge — butterscotch on the nose of this vodka. It almost comes across as a flavored spirit, it’s so overwhelming. The body follows suit, with a big caramel apple (emphasis on the caramel) character that reminds me a little bit of anejo tequila. The finish is very sweet, dessert-like but not at all sickly.

This is a vodka that is easy to like but difficult to really love. I worry that the powerful flavors of Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe will make it tough to mix cocktails with, but for a shot or two, it does the trick quite well.

Gluten free. 80 proof.


General John Stark Vodka




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