Review: Milano Green Vodka

Review: Milano Green Vodka

milano green vodkaItaly seems to be a hotbed these days — not for wine, but rather for vodka.

Milano Green is made from wheat in the north of Italy and blended with spring water from the Italian alps. Production methods are sustainable, per the company, but the producer does not claim that the product is organic.

This vodka has a very modern profile: Neutral on the nose, with only mild medicinal notes. The body has ample sweetness to it and a short, simple finish. Just a hint of black pepper on the finish, and maybe the lightest touch of baking spice. No frills here, this is an easy and refreshing vodka that works well on its own or in pretty much any cocktail.

80 proof.

Note: Milano Green’s website features an older bottle design.


Milano Green Vodka




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