Review: Dekuyper JDK&Sons Crave Chocolate Chili Liqueur

crave liqueurWho doesn’t love chocolate? With its new line of chocolate liqueurs, dubbed Crave, Dekuyper isn’t content to stick with just the lowly cocoa bean. Its three new expressions are all chocolate blended with something else: mint, cherries, or habanero chili, as is the case with the version of Crave that we received for review.

This ink-black liqueur is awfully close to what it promises on the label. The nose suggests only chocolate syrup, with a hint of coffee.

Take a sip, though, and the spicy chili hits you immediately. Surprisingly warming, it’s much like gnawing on a chili-infused chocolate bar, provided you take a big enough sip, with ample heat throughout your mouth. (Shots for the unsuspecting would be a fun gag, methinks.) Ample sweetness in the body ultimately cools things down, leaving behind a simple, but reasonably authentic, chocolate character.

It’s a bit of a one-trick pony, of course. Aside from a few bizarre dessert drinks — perhaps something served on fire? — it’s hard to imagine much versatility with this version of Crave. Perhaps the mint expression would have a longer recipe utility? Still, it’s decidedly not bad, even on its own.

30 proof.

B / $17 /

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