Review: Tuaca Cinnaster Liqueur

Review: Tuaca Cinnaster Liqueur

tuaca cinnasterTuaca is a famed vanilla liqueur that’s been around for hundreds of years in various incarnations. Now it’s getting its first line extension: Cinnaster, which adds cinnamon to the mix.

Here’s how it tastes.

Strong vanilla hits your nostrils first as you pour a glass, making you wonder how much cinnamon impact there could be. But stick your nose in the glass and the cinnamon comes along quickly — Red Hots more than freshly grated sticks.

The body is surprisingly well balanced between the two primary flavoring agents: The vanilla hits you in the front of your mouth, then the cinnamon burns the back of your throat. They work well together, jumping in and out of the body in turn as you sip.

Tuaca is notoriously sweet, but Cinnaster actually manages to temper this. The cinnamon burn cuts the sugary body down considerably, replacing sweetness with spice. I’m not the biggest cinnamon fan in the world, particularly in spirits, but here it works surprisingly well.

70 proof.

A- / $24 /

Tuaca Cinnaster Liqueur




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