Drinkhacker Reads – 02.07.2013 – Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project + Diet Soda Accelerates Intoxication Rates

Drinkhacker Reads – 02.07.2013 – Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project + Diet Soda Accelerates Intoxication Rates

In a recent study by Northern Kentucky University and the University of Chicago, researchers have discovered that drinking alcohol mixed with diet soda as opposed to regular soda may increase the rate in which you become intoxicated. [Yahoo]

Buffalo Trace has announced the release of the eighth round of its Single Oak Project will hit the shelves shortly. Drinkhacker’s review of this round — now at the halfway mark of the project — will be coming in short order. [Single Oak Project]

Though it’s a day old, this one’s worth scrolling down for: The folks over at Drink Spirits live-tweeted the Distilled Spirits press conference discussing the state of the spirits industry in 2012, and sussed out some impressive numbers. [Drink Spirits]

The story of the surprise winner in a blind taste test is nothing new in the lore of spirits, beer, and wine competitions but we feel duty bound to report on this one: Balcones Distillery won top honors against some of the marquee names in the spirits world at a blind tasting of malt whisky in London. Current’s Scott Andrews goes behind the scenes to get the story on how this all went down. [Current]

And finally today, if you’ve ever wanted to jump in a fermentation tank during a tour at a distillery (looking at you, Buffalo Trace), a trip to the spa on St. Patrick’s Day may offer the next best thing. Indeed, nearly twenty spas across the nation offer up alcohol-inspired treatments. For example, folks in Lexington, Kentucky may be treated to a Bourbon Bubbler; a full-body polish incorporating Kentucky Bourbon, ginger, and pecans and finishes with a rinse and an application of shea butter. Meanwhile, over in Riverside, California, folks going to Kelly’s Spa at Mission in could enjoy Kelly’s Fountain of Youth Signature Body Treatment: a Chardonnay wine bubble bath, and a Chardonnay grape seed body polish. For more information, head on over to the International Spa Association’s website to see if a spa near you is participating. [ISPA]

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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