Review: Master of Malt Worship Street Whistling Shop Cream Gin

Review: Master of Malt Worship Street Whistling Shop Cream Gin

master of malt cream ginMaster of Malt has no shortage of bizarre concoctions, but this one is a new one for me: Gin distilled using cream as a botanical. The result is called, simply, cream gin.

Cream gin, we are told by MoM, “was popular in the Gin Palaces of the Victorian Era, however back then the gin would probably have been mixed with a cream and sugar then left to infuse. To update this classic idea, this Cream Gin has been cold-distilled using fresh cream as a botanical (the equivalent of 100ml cream per bottle!), to capture the fresh flavour of the cream in a perfectly clear spirit. Because the cream is never heated during the distillation process, no ‘burnt’ or ‘off’ flavours end up in the finished product. Cream Gin has the same shelf-life as any other distilled spirit.”

Expecting a milky, goopy product like Baileys? Sorry, not here. From outward appearances, Cream Gin looks no different than any other clear spirit, and it smells just like one, too. Here, it’s mild juniper, and a little orange character, that dominates the nose. The creamy body is more evident as you sip — it’s more subtle than you think — but it’s the vanilla in the spirit that is really surprising and quite delicious. While not a flavor component I would have expected to work well with juniper, it’s surprisingly effective… sweet and savory together. There’s a pleasant spiciness on the finish that brings the whole package together.

Sounds crazy, but give it a try. It’s expensive, but really it’s quite a little delight.

87.6 proof.

A / $68

Master of Malt Worship Street Whistling Shop Cream Gin




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