Review: Yahara Bay V Bourbon Whiskey

Review: Yahara Bay V Bourbon Whiskey

V bourbonHailing from Madison, Wisconsin, this craft whiskey is a three-year-old Bourbon that is matured in small batches and small barrels. The mashbill (and other details) are not revealed by Yahara Bay Distillers, but the results speak for themselves.

The whiskey is surprisingly dark, and the nose is heavy with wood, but otherwise typical of Bourbon. On the palate, it’s quite sweet, with ample vanilla, plus a tannic, woodsy undercarriage. Beyond that, you’ll find a few secondary characteristics: Cinnamon, apple, and some exotic berry character that’s both unusual for Bourbon and hard to place.

While it’s very youthful, and the wood is a bit heavy at times — a by-product of the small barrel aging, I’m guessing  — but it’s surprising how much it grows on you. Not sure, by the way, if the name is supposed to be a letter V or a Roman numeral five.

90 proof.


Yahara Bay V Bourbon Whiskey




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  1. Dan on September 13, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    This bourbon was horrible and undrinkable. I’m ashamed it came from my home state. It was awful. Tasted of wood so new and not charred that notes of banana and yams came through. Coke…. couldn’t cover up this. I was so looking forward to seeing my homestate come through with something I could brag about….. but all hope was dashed. On a scale of 1-10…. I would rate this a 2, right above lighter fluid in taste. Disgusting.

    So bad I’m willing to call and talk to them about it.

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