Review: Brewery Vivant Brewer’s Reserve Big Red Coq

Review: Brewery Vivant Brewer’s Reserve Big Red Coq

big red coqIt takes confidence to step up to the bar and order a delicious Big Red Coq, a surprisingly hoppy red ale. That’s right, a hoppy red ale. Brewery Vivant’s Brewer’s Reserve Limited Release series is always something to pick up if you see it. A hoppy Belgo-American red ale, Big Red Coq is one of the most delicious red ales ever to grace these lips. Go ahead and laugh, the jokes are endless — as is this beer’s flavor.

After pouring into a nice tulip glass, the color is an opaque red to copper, with a hint of gold and a nice inch-high head to top it off. What is most surprising is the nose and flavor, more of a borderline IPA than a red ale. Again, it’s very floral, very hoppy, and slightly bitter with a good amount of citrus fruit that shines through and creates a great aromatic red ale.

The initial taste is very malty, a total juxtaposition to the nose of this beer. At 6.25% abv, the follow-through is a bit citrusy and only slightly hoppy. Truly the only downfall to this beer is the lack of hops in the body, especially for something with such a great aroma. With every sip, remembering that this is not an IPA is difficult. This deceptively floral nose leaves you wanting more, with a flavor profile more malty, slightly bitter and a bit more citrusy than you would expect. I do suggest tasting this Big Red Coq, if you can get your hands on one. It’s quite delicious and aptly labeled as a “Hoppy Belgo-American Red Ale.”

B / $3.50 per 16 oz. can /

Brewery Vivant Brewer's Reserve Big Red Coq




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