Drinkhacker Reads – 01.21.2013 – Inauguration, Beck’s Sapphire, and Two-Fifty Buck Chuck

Drinkhacker Reads – 01.21.2013 – Inauguration, Beck’s Sapphire, and Two-Fifty Buck Chuck

Continuing on with the Inauguration celebration happenings in Washington D.C., NPR profiles D.C. bartender Jim Hewes, who has served Presidents since the Ford Administration. The article also serves up a couple of snappy recipes inspired by former Presidents. [NPR]

In a move that screams of indulgence and potential over marketing, Beck’s beer has opened up a pop-up “jewelry store” in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of its new brand, Beck’s Sapphire. The first of several slated locations to open (Chicago, New York, and Miami will all follow suit in 2013), the opening party hosted celebrities plus a supermodel walking a panther adorned with a Sapphire gem on a leash, up and down Rodeo drive. Footage of the momentous occasion (shot on Leica cameras with clothing by Hugo Boss) will be online later this month. It’s early in 2013, but we’re hoping that someone in a marketing department somewhere will be able to trump the indulgence of this campaign. [Beck’s Sapphire]

In super earth-shattering, ultra-important Wine news, supermarket chain Trader Joe’s has announced that the price of its beloved wine, the “two buck Chuck” Charles Shaw brand, is going up. The brand will now have a price tag of $2.50 in most markets, and higher in other places.  Crisis counseling and support groups will also be available in most Trader Joe’s markets for those unable to process their grief alone. [CBS]

Hartford Courant columnist Jim Shea pontificates over the cons of having a supermarket where customers are permitted to enjoy a beer or glass of wine during their shopping experience. While it’s safe to say some of the scenarios he plays out could possibly happen, it does seem as if he’s reaching a bit to make his point. [Hartford Courant]

The Star runs a profile detailing the history of the Yamazaki distillery, and goes into detailed tasting notes on its Yamazaki 18 and 25 year old expressions. An engaging read, and one that had us rushing to the cabinet for a nip of the 18 year. [Star Online]

And finally today: we’re #24! According to Coupon Audit, we’ve been ranked 24th in itslist of “Top 100 Food Blogs To Watch in 2013.”  We’re pretty flattered with the recognition and thank Coupon Audit for the recognition. Cheers! [Coupon Audit]

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Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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