Review: Absolut Vodka

Review: Absolut Vodka

absolut vodkaOnce in a while we like to head into the archives and take a fresh look at a classic — particularly when we need a palate cleanser. Today we turn to that icon of the vodka biz, Absolut, a brand which was in many respects the first premium vodka to be sold.

Absolut has always had a light charcoal note on the nose for me, along with traditional hospital character, and that’s still true. But served straight up, the Swedish superstar is considerably sweeter than memory offers, with brisk caramel notes to balance out its medicinal underpinnings. The finish is short and uncomplicated, fresh with some grassy as well as lemon hints, but mostly offering a sweet, somewhat dessert-like feel.

80 proof.


Absolut Vodka




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