Review: Pomacai Vodka

Review: Pomacai Vodka

Pomacai vodkaPomegranate and acai have developed strong “superfruit” reputations, which have led to many a boozemaker attempting to use these products to make new spirits. But the fact remains that neither of these taste particularly good, which is why most pomegranate juice drinks are stuffed full of sugar or other, sweeter, juices. Acai, based on the few times I’ve tried it in berry form, is pretty nasty, too.

Enter Pomacai Vodka, a spirit flavored with, you guessed it, pomegranate and acai. The product is grape Kool-Aid purple (artificial colors are added), lightly colored but mostly transparent.

The nose is intensely grape with a bitter, herbal edge. Sharp and distinct. On the body, strong fruit and herbal notes together. The bittersweet, earthy finish reminds you this isn’t a grape vodka, but rather something more exotic. But also something not entirely delicious. The nose and the finish both recall medicinal notes, something unavoidable with acai unfortunately, but which provide the clear, secondary connotation that you’re drinking something healthy.

Per the company: The brand will be available in Illinois, Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and on more than 50 U.S. Air Force bases via the Army and Air Force Exchange Service beginning in early 2013.

70 proof.

B / $20 /

Pomacai Vodka




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    The bottle looks fantastic.

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