Review: Luna Nueva Tequila, Complete Lineup

Review: Luna Nueva Tequila, Complete Lineup

This Highlands tequila, 100% agave of course, is double distilled — intriguingly — first in a copper pot still, then in a stainless steel still.

We sampled all three expressions on the market. As a side note: Mind the stoppers on these tall bottles — they have a dangerous tendency to come off with minimal effort.

All are 80 proof, have a lot in common, and, oddly, can be found for the same price.

Luna Nueva Tequila Silver – Very fragrant, with a unique aroma of honey, floral elements (honeysuckle?), and salted caramel, odd for a blanco. Big body, lots to like, peppery and floral together. The finish brings the caramel up, big time, and a heavy agave reminder that, hey, it’s tequila. Light touch on this one. A- / $37

Luna Nueva Tequila Reposado – Aged a minimum of six months. Instant caramel character on the nose and tongue. By the nose you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a caramel liqueur. Ample agave on the finish gives it balance, sweet and spicy in one fell swoop. Probably my favorite tequila in this batch. A- / $37

Luna Nueva Tequila Anejo – Aged over one year in oak barrels. Great color, huge caramel nose. Plenty more on the body. A modest vanilla attack quickly builds to a powerful caramel finish. Decent agave undertones therein, but it’s a real dessert tequila through and through. Definitely worthwhile, but quite sweet (if that’s somehow unclear). Very similar to the reposado in the end. A- / $37 (a steal, shop around)

Luna Nueva Tequila Silver




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