Drinkhacker Reads 12.18.2012 – Wine Sales Decline at Auction Houses

Drinkhacker Reads 12.18.2012 – Wine Sales Decline at Auction Houses

Bloomberg reports that sales of wine at major auction houses have fallen 12% in 2012, down roughly $75 million from last year’s record-setting gross of $397 million. Analysts attribute this decrease to sluggish purchasing from China due to slow economic growth. Bloomberg also took a moment to profile Richard Yuengling Jr. of Yuengling Beer fame to find out the secret behind the brand’s success. [Bloomberg]

End of Times List: In a mildly refreshing (and somewhat bleak) alternative to the onslaught of “end of year” lists, our fair and balanced friends over at Fox News have decided to feature wine selections appropriate for celebrating the apocalypse. [Fox News]

In less dramatic overtures, the San Jose Mercury News has also prepared its year-end wine list, with selections that can fit any budget from the 1% to the 99%. [San Jose Mecury News]

Ocean Vodka, Hawaii’s number one producer of spirits, is launching a brand new organic farm, martini garden, and distillery in Maui in February 2013. So should you find yourself in the middle of Maui next year, stop on by. And send us freezing folks back home a postcard. [Ocean Vodka]

The Examiner’s Robert Haynes-Peterson takes a look at the best Irish Whiskeys of 2012 (including a few we’ve profiled along the way) and gives a sneak peek at a new one scheduled to land on U.S. shores in 2013. [The Examiner]

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