Drinkhacker Reads 12.13.2012 – Westvleteren XII Madness

Drinkhacker Reads 12.13.2012 – Westvleteren XII Madness

From the high-end stores to the corner stores, people around the world were waiting in lines yesterday for the release of Westvleteren XII, regarded by many as the world’s best beer. The decision to do a mass release was simple: the monks who craft the fine brew needed a new roof for their abbey. [ABC News]

The Wall Street Journal is elaborating on (and correcting) the story regarding Robert Parker and Wine Advocate magazine. To sum it all up: the headquarters will be staying in Maryland, with the Singapore office opening as a secondary office where some editorial and business administration affairs will happen. Also, the print edition will not be phased out any time in the foreseeable future. [Wall Street Journal]

The Spirits Business is reporting Diageo brand Captain Morgan Rum has reached sales of over 10 million cases globally, becoming only the sixth spirits brand in the world to attain this level of sales. [The Spirits Business]

Techcrunch reports mobile wine application Vivino has raised another $1 million from a Nordic venture capital group known for its early involvement in the music app network Spotify. [Techcrunch]

Popular Science has issued a very stern warning to those vino fans enjoying their beverage from a box: keep it in the fridge or it will “turn gross” due to the higher temperature. Those drinking from the bottle can continue to enjoy themselves any way they please. [Popular Science]

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