Drinkhacker Reads – 12.11.2012 – Top Trends For 2013

Drinkhacker Reads – 12.11.2012 – Top Trends For 2013

Technomic has released its predictions for top adult beverage trends in the coming year. Among them: wines will get sweeter, beers will be more carefully curated in restaurants, and more flavored spirits expressions will keep popping up, and not just in the vodka category. [Technomic]

In semi-related coverage, Slate offers an explanation as to how so many new brands of whiskey are appearing so quickly. The answer? Follow the distillate… [Slate]

Wondering which of this year’s releases are the world’s most expensive liquors? Or if wine is vegan? We’ve got you covered. [Lehigh Valley+Bev Law]

In history and science news: Gizmodo reports on the science behind beer bubbles, our intrepid leader blogs about the origin of wine over at The Daily, and RiaNovosti presents a brief history of Russian vodka. Informative for those unfamiliar with vodka’s origins. [Gizmodo+Ria]

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