Drinkhacker Reads – 12.10.2012 – Diageo and Suntory Bid Big on Beam and Robert Parker Steps Down

Drinkhacker Reads – 12.10.2012 – Diageo and Suntory Bid Big on Beam and Robert Parker Steps Down

Normally we try to land softly into news on Mondays, but this one is too insane not to lead off with: Reuters is reporting drink giant Diageo is in talks with Suntory to make a joint purchase of Beam Global. Though no formal talks have begun and the deal is allegedly in the early stages, the implications of such a purchase could potentially be huge to the whiskey world. Story still developing, but we’ll be watching the events with great interest. [Reuters]

In other surprising Monday news, Decanter is reporting Robert Parker will be stepping down as Editor-In-Chief of Wine Advocate magazine, and will be opening up new offices in Singapore to enhance coverage of Asian-produced wines. Parker will stay on as CEO of Wine Advocate and remain chairman of its board. [Decanter]

Huffington Post is reporting on a study from Suntory alleging that beer has powerful antibodies to fight off viruses. However, to feel the full benefit of the anti-viral properties, one would have to consume more than thirty 12-ounce cans in a session. [Huffington Post]

Congrats to John Wenzel from Gingham Bar in San Diego for boldly battling barbacks from New York, Boston, and San Francisco to be crowned the nation’s best barback at the Fernet Branca Barback championships held in San Francisco last week. Wenzel had to dodge and weave through a complex obstacle course to prove his skills, and easily bested everyone. Cheers! [Gingham]

Esquire recently kicked off its 12 Days of Whiskey Essentials for the holiday season. Friday’s selection was Woodford Reserve, with day 1 celebrating Aberlour A’bunadh. Stay tuned to see what the magazine picks for the remaining days before Christmas hits. It could get interesting. [Esquire]

‘Tis The Season for Labels, Part 4: This time we see the fine folks at Old Forrester offering up custom labels for the holiday season. Best get them soon to arrive on time for forthcoming holiday parties. [Old Forrester]

And finally today, liqueur auteur and spirits scribe Chuck Cowdery brilliantly dissects the Van Winkle phenomenon in one of the best short reads (and explanations of Van Winkle) of 2012. Well worth the time to read and discuss. [Chuck Cowdery]

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