Drinkhacker Reads – 12.06.2012 – Trump in Huff over Glenfiddich Stuff

Drinkhacker Reads – 12.06.2012 – Trump in Huff over Glenfiddich Stuff

Scaling to new heights of absurdity, professional buffoonist, game show host, and hair magnate Donald Trump is at it again, according to the Huffington Post. Fresh off of his wildly successful expedition to discover the truth behind the President’s birth certificate, Trump is now calling for a boycott and ban on Glenfiddich at all of his resorts and hair salons. Why, you ask? Because William Grant and Sons, owner of Glenfiddich, awarded Michael Forbes the “Top Scot” award for refusing to sell his farm to the former Macy’s and Pizza Hut ad spokesman. [Huffington Post]

Yesterday we brought you the news of Wine.Com’s top 100, and today we find Wine Enthusiast bringing us its Top 100 Best Buys, Top 100 Cellar Selections, and The Enthusiast’s Top 100. There’s plenty to sift through here and it comes complete with a fancy infographic breaking it all down, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. [Wine Enthusiast]

Brown-Forman is reporting an 8% increase in sales through October, largely because people are drinking more… and because of those price increases enacted earlier in the year. We’re sure those helped, too. [Shanken News Daily]

December 10th marks National Lager Day, and Samuel Adams wants to celebrate by inviting everyone to “Lager Off” their smartphones, computers, and Prodigy chat boards and enjoy a lager with your pals, interfacing with what our parents called “face-to-face conversation.” We’re not sure what it all means, but this “conversation” thing sounds like a major disruption. However, once it is all over and it’s possible to Lag back on, one can tell everyone all about their experience using the hashtag #BostonLagerOff. Good luck. [Samuel Adams]

And finally, in much more serious news, we’re pleased to report that over $17,000 was raised for Ciara Allan, an extremely brave young lady raising funds for the fight of her life. Well, the great folks of the Islay are at it once again to raise more money, this time with a four-day, five-distillery tasting tour of the region. If you’d like to bid on this potentially once-in-a-lifetime holiday gift for someone really special in your life, click on through here. [Ciara Allan Cask Appeal]

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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