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Review: Zignum Anejo Mezcal

Zignum Anejo mezcalWe last encountered Zignum’s mezcal earlier this year in its reposado incarnation. Now the brand is back, this time with an anejo version.

Made from green agave and aged more than a year, this is mezcal with much of the smokiness aged right out of it. You’ll find lots of exotic, tropical, and caramel notes on the nose — and no smokiness to speak of — enough to make you think this is standard tequila, not mezcal at all.

Similar notes can be found on the body: Marshmallows and caramel, then a bounty of pineapple and baking spices, with ample cinnamon and rum raisin notes. The finish cues you in that you’re drinking mezcal, but barely: The smokiness takes on more of an unlit cigar/humidor character than anything distinctly smoky.

Exotic and difficult to fully process, this is “starter mezcal” if ever there was one. Not that that’s a bad thing. If you’re a tequila fan looking to dip a toe into mezcal, this is a great place to start.

80 proof.


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Zignum Anejo Mezcal



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