Review: PunZone Vodka, Lemoncino, and Originale Liqueur

Review: PunZone Vodka, Lemoncino, and Originale Liqueur

PunZone (accent on the e) is a new Italian brand that produces vodka and a pair of spirits, all organically. The vodka is actually the newest part of the equation. The liqueurs are old family recipes — blends of vodka, sangria, and fruit essences. We tasted all three spirits. Thoughts follow.

PunZone Organic Vodka – Distilled in a five-column still from organic wheat sourced from Northern Italy. Pungent on the nose, but sweeter and milder on the body than you’d think. Grassy, with lemon notes that cut through the modest vanilla and custard characteristics on the tongue. Quite tasty, but come ready for a citrus-meets-sweet experience. 80 proof. A- / $43

PunZone Lemoncino – It’s not Limoncello, in name or in makeup. As the label says, it’s a blend of PunZone “vodka, white sangria, and natural lemon essence.” Definitely much milder than most limoncellos, which are powerfully tart and sour. PunZone’s rendition is more like fruit juice in body — sweeter and full of multiple flavors, particularly apple and peach. The lemon flavors are surprisingly mild, taking a back seat to some herbal notes in the finish. 34 proof. B- / $34

PunZone Originale – The red version: Vodka, red sangria, and natural blood orange essence. Closer to sangria than the Lemoncino. Vivid orange character, plus red berries, plum, and black cherry. A bit thin, with a clear fruity-juicy finish. Simple, but unpleasant. 34 proof. B- / $34

PunZone Lemoncino




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  1. Johnny Boy on February 5, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Just had to try the unflavored version, sorry but this vodka isn’t in the same ballpark with the competition. It had a nasty after taste. I would compare it to Everclear, not a truely ejoyable drink at all. Try again fellas.

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