Drinkhacker Reads – 11.26.2012 – Arran Malt Whiskifies Ancient Barley

Drinkhacker Reads – 11.26.2012 – Arran Malt Whiskifies Ancient Barley

Happy Monday and welcome to the holiday season. Did you know that studies show getting the right gift for your boss could mean the difference between a promotion/raise, or another year of doing the same old thing in your current position? Speaking of which, did you get a chance to check out our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide?

The good folks over at Whisky Intelligence are reporting The Arran Malt is releasing a blend featuring Bere barley, Scotland’s oldest cultivated barley. Teaming up with the Agronomy Institute at Orkney College to develop this challenging blend, The Arran Malt Orkney Bere is limited to 5,800 bottles and will be available in select countries later this month. This certainly has been Arran Malt’s year, riding high off its Devil’s Punch Bowl being selected as a must-buy in the Drinkhacker 2012 Gift Guide. [Whisky Intelligence]

Demand for Jameson has gone up worldwide, going from only 466,000 cases in 1988 to a record-breaking four million cases this year. To meet the global demand, Pernod Ricard is investing an additional US$130 million to expand its operations.  [Irish Central]

Business Insider is reporting that mescal is making a major, profitable comeback in the UK, taking a share of the market firmly entrenched by tequila for recent decades. [Business Insider]

Upstart vodka company Pruv is aiming for a spring 2013 release for its ultra premium brand, but is looking to the public to help it meet the deadline. The company has taken to indiegogo to crowdfund the first wave of production. Donate and get gifts including paintings, clothing, flasks, and even a trip to Colorado to visit its distillery. [Pruv Vodka]

12-year-old Ciara Allen from Islay is recovering from her third round of brain surgery after doctors discovered more brain tumors and cysts. This courageous and incredibly tough young lady will be coming to Oklahoma for an intensive round of therapy. However, like all major health care these days, the cost will not be without considerable expense.

In a beautiful and extremely generous move displaying the power of community, the distillers of Islay (and one from Jura for good measure) have rallied together to help offset mounting costs by auctioning off an incredible lot of rare blends. Click here to view the lot, place a bid or to make a donation to the fund. The auction lasts until Friday, and we’ll be following it with great interest.

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