Review: Deerhammer Whitewater Whiskey

Review: Deerhammer Whitewater Whiskey

Here’s a unique offering: 100% malted barley, double pot-distilled, unaged whiskey from Colorado. That’s a unique setup. Here’s how it shakes out.

Traditional nose for white dog. Lots of graininess, with aromas of the forest — trees and floor — and diesel-powered vehicles. Plenty more of the same on the body, but sweeter than you might be expecting. Think sugary cereal (Count Chocula?) with milk, vanilla, and freshly-minded coal, all mixed up in a slurry of gasoline. Chewy leather and tobacco notes on the finish.

It’s always tough describing white whiskey in a way that makes it sound appealing. Deerhammer, in the final analysis, offers a product that is worthwhile, though — given the lightness of that malted barley base — not overly demanding.

90 proof.

B / $33 /

Deerhammer Whitewater Whiskey




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