Review: Bormioli Rocco Tre Sensi Wine Tasting Glass

Review: Bormioli Rocco Tre Sensi Wine Tasting Glass

Does the world need a new wine glass? In the world of tastings — where glasses are typically too small — maybe they do.

Italian design firm Bormioli Rocco just launched the Tre Sensi, a wine glass designed to enhance the tasting experience. At first glance it looks like any other smallish glass. Further analysis reveals a deep whirlpool-like indentation in the center. This helps with swirling and aerating the wine.

Per the company: “After partnering with a designer and the sommeliers, we developed the perfect wine tasting shape. Tre Sensi enhances the bouquet of every type of wine, thanks to the shape of the bowl that provides the wine with the perfect oxygenation and releases flavors to the rim. And its great design makes it also ideal for a modern and elegant table setting.”

I definitely prefer it to the squat Riedels in the house — but still use a larger glass when I’m drinking a bolder wine. Available beginning 2013.

$25 for set of 4

Bormioli Rocco Tre Sensi Wine Tasting Glass




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