Review: Big Rack Premium Vodka

Big Rack vodkaGet your mind out of the gutter. The big rack in question refers to deer antlers. Of course.

The only spirit I know of that’s packaged in a camouflage-wrapped bottle — and is this ready to go for sipping a martini in your deer lease — Big Rack is six-times distilled from “the finest American grain” in Kentucky, then charcoal filtered and bottled at a standard 80 proof.

On the sweet side, Big Rack is a simple vodka that doesn’t have to work hard to please. Silky and warming, it’s got a very light body and no real secondary characters to speak of. Very light touches of lemon can be found — but they’re overpowered by the sugary characters here anyway. Harmless, but perfectly acceptable in every way.

If you’re the kind of hunter that prefers camo vodka to camo whiskey, knock yourself out.

B / $18 /

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