Drinkhacker Reads – 11.07.2012

Drinkhacker Reads – 11.07.2012

In a move exemplifying whisky’s growing popularity around the globe, the first commercial whiskey distillery in Israel was announced this week. The Milk And Honey Distillery has been in the planning stages for some time, but is just now getting its identity and production together for a proper announcement. Hopefully a release is right around the corner. [Milk and Honey]

Kentucky Forward looks at seven different bourbons that no longer exist. While some of the selections are spot on, we couldn’t help but notice a surprising omission, given the cult-like nature vintage Hirsch bottles have amassed over the years (Bourbon guru Chuck Cowdery even wrote a whole book on it). [KY Forward]

Reuters reports on the results of a study most consumers were already well aware of: some alcohol costs more at state-owned stores. [Reuters]

The New York Times’ Robert Simonson once again reminds us all that nothing interesting in the world of cocktails ever happens anywhere outside of New York or London with this dandy article about vintage and experimental cocktails. Here’s hoping backwaters like Chicago and San Francisco can catch up! [New York Times]

In non-tasting industry news, Investor Place reporter Charles Sizemore breaks down the fiscal health of the three mega-giants of the spirits world (Beam, Diageo, and Brown-Forman).  [Investor Place]

And finally, Gizmodo has video of a vodka bottle sparking a fire within a liquor store… just from being exposed to sunlight. No word on whether or not the vodka was flavored like pumpkin pie or whipped cream. [Gizmodo]

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