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Review: Pomagria Pomegranate Sangria

pomagriaPomegranate remains the hottest superfruit out there, mainly because, unlike a lot of these fruity-come-latelies,  pomegranate tastes good.

Not a bad idea then to add a little super-juice to your sangria, no?

Well, Pomagria — not the best name, to be honest — doesn’t quite work, landing in a no man’s land between fruit juice and the classic wine cocktail. On the nose you’d be hard-pressed to say this was sangria at all. It smells just like the kids’ breakfast juice. Over time, some vague alcohol vapors bubble up.

On the palate, the wine comes along, nothing memorable. There’s a rush of sugar — more strawberry than pomegranate — followed by a rough winey finish. The ultimate impression is not one of a cavalcade of citrus flavors mixed in with wine (plus pomegranate), the way good sangria does it, but rather a heavily sweetened wine concoction a la Thunderbird. Though Pomagria isn’t really fortified (it’s 13% abv), it sure does taste like it.


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Pomagria Pomegranate Sangria



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