Review: Broken Shed Vodka

Another New Zealand vodka, Broken Shed is distilled four times from whey (whey? no way!) — also known as milk honey — and blended with local water.

It’s a fine, wholly credible vodka with few distinguishing characteristics. Nothing but light medicinal notes on the nose, it’s vaguely sweet on the palate. The finish heads back to lightly astringent, alcoholic tones, concluding with a moderate bit of burn.

Truly a “modern” vodka with its flavor well filtered out, there’s nothing broken about this Shed at all. Indeed, it’s about as neutral as they come, a perfect mixer, and fine for sipping if ultra-clean vodka’s your thing. New Zealand continues to prove itself as one of the great producers of contemporary vodkas — the only problem is, they all taste the same.

This one, by the by, feels a bit expensive.

80 proof.


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  1. John October 11, 2012 / 12:58 pm

    So is it whey the milk byproduct or “whey?”

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